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Made in Italy, dispatched from the UK. The Flavour Art range of flavour concentrates are distinctive, inspired by Italian and international food culture.

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  • AAA Magic Mask Flavour Art

    Reduce acid perception without modifying the pH of your mixture. Magic Mask does not buffer the pH, nor alter it. Magic Mask acts at the tongue receptors level, temporarily reducing the acid perception, thus improving the overall mouth feel.




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  • After Dark Flavour Art

    An infusion of a sophisticated liqueur, Irish Cream with a dash of Peppermint. A great flavour ideal for an ice cream with a twist.





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  • Anise Flavour Art

    Anise has a strong, unique flavour, reminiscent of Ricard and Pernod. It is a perfect flavouring for mixing with others to create your own blends, Rum, Cola, Chocolate are just a few of the options, let your imagination run amok and be surprised!





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  • Apple Fuji Flavour Art

    The flavour, Fuji, was designed by FA Italy to be a refreshing but vibrant vape. Fuji is a specific Apple Flavour that is succulent, crisp, fresh, and sweet, just like the Fuji Apple variety that is so popular but which is so often unavailable in the UK as it is only grown in certain climatic conditions.





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  • Apple Pie Flavour Art

    A comforting classic. This iconic flavour is sweet and savory all in one, with crisp sweet apples mixed with buttery pie crust and cinnamon. It is ideal for any dessert based cocktail or ice cream.





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  • Aurora Flavour Art

    With its warm flavor and hints of sparkling spirit, Aurora by Flavour Art has hints of flowers and fruits.

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  • Banana Flavour Art

    A full bodied flavoursome banana that is perfect for a banana split milkshake!





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  • Bilberry Flavour Art

    More flavoursome than your average blueberry, bilberry’s are stronger in flavour and have a slightly tart bitter taste to them. Perfect if you are looking for an alternative to blueberry with less of a sweet taste to them without loosing any of the flavour.



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  • Bitter Wizard Flavour Art

    Balance your flavour! Flavour Art designed Bitter Wizard to reduce or eliminate the sweet basic taste given by PG or VG. Adding at 1% can give a pleasant bitter aftertaste, which can be enhanced further by increasing the dosage.




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  • Black Jack Vintage Flavour Art

    The unmistakable dark aniseed taste, enhanced with a couple of other background flavours. One definite advantage of this flavour is that it will not turn your tongue black as the sweets used to! Nowadays the sweets just turn it grey.





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  • Black Pearl Flavour Art

    The interesting mixture of juicy pear and full bodied blackcurrant. Ideal for adding to water to give it an interesting twist or any cocktail.

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  • Blackcurrant Licorice Flavour Art

    If you like those suckable Blackcurrant and Licorice sweets then you should enjoy this fiesta of flavour. It’s a refreshing change that is sweet but not sickly and will have you licking your lips.





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