The flavour drops are a great way to flavour icing for cakes and cupcakes. Pair them with some food colouring and you can have some really interesting combinations, perfect for any party or just because you can.


Gelatin is such a versatile ingredient used in food. It can be used in your standard jelly desserts, in mousses, to give a mirror glaze to a cake or for something more adult like jelly shots. It comes in flavoured and unflavoured varieties which make the concentrates ideal. You can find with some jelly recipes the flavour isn’t too strong. You can use the drops to give a boost to an already flavoured gelatin.

Agar Agar

So nice they named it twice. Agar Agar is a substitute for gelatin used by vegetarians and vegans so no one misses out. Derived from seaweed, it has a slight taste that is easily masked by the concentrates, many of our concentrates are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, making them ideal for people with specific dietary needs.


Perfect for adding a flavoursome twist to your cooking, whether it be sweet or savoury. The majority of these concentrates are gluten and allergy free depending on the brand. This makes them ideal for use in cooking if you have someone who has a dietary requirement.


If you like your Caramel Macchiatos, Hazelnut Lattes or Gingerbread Cappuccinos then these flavour drops are perfect for recreating this at home for less than half the price.

Black Tea

Black tea can be a bitter at times unless you have a fruit version. You can add sweetness enhancers or flavouring to take away the edge without adding unwanted calories.

Green Tea

Green tea is lovely on its own, but because of its lovely mild flavour it is a great candidate for flavouring. Instead of buying boxes of flavoured green tea you may get bored of, get one box and use the concentrates to flavour them to your mood.


Milkshakes are a tasty treat. Why not make them more of a treat without adding extra calories to the equation with our concentrates? This way you can just buy plain ice cream and add different flavours without having to buy another bulky tub of ice cream that you then have to store. You can also use these to mimic milkshakes that contain your favourite chocolate bars.

Carbonated Drinks

Fizzy drinks are a guilty pleasure most of us share. Once in a while is fine so it might be nice to flavour them with the likes of cherry or vanilla. We also do a range of drink flavoured concentrates if your looking for the taste without the carbonated calories.

Protein/Weight Loss Shakes

Protein shakes have a reputation for tasting like, well, protein. They are famed for having little taste and a bizarre after taste that can put people off when you are trying to look after and better yourself. You can make that a thing of the past now by using our concentrates to up the flavour without adding the fats and calories you are desperately trying to avoid. It can also help to curb those pesky cravings.

Porridge & Oatmeal

Porridge is one of those things that people either love or they hate. If you find it to be quite boring and plain why not liven your morning breakfast up by adding a few drops of a caramel or a strawberry flavour. Add something more interesting without adding the extra calories.

Skinny Cocktails

Make your favourite weekend beverage without the added calories of syrups and sugary flavourings! All our flavours are water soluble and low in calories, perfect if your trying to watch your figure even on the weekend. All you need to do is add the alcohol. We also do a small selection of none alcoholic alcohol flavours.