Unfortunately we cannot accept any liquid returns.

Here’s why.

Liquids cannot be returned for any reason because they are perishables. Most importantly, as liquid is ingested we need to protect all our customers from the possibility of liquids being tampered with.

Even if the parcel is still sealed we simply wont take the chance of any possible contamination, we take our customers safety very seriously.

If we were to accept a return of a liquid (which we don’t), we would not be able to put it back into the circulation of our stock for hygiene and safety reasons, meaning we have lost the stock. You wouldn’t like it if we sent you out a liquid that has been sent to someone else previously.

Any amount of liquid cannot be returned. We do understand that this may be frustrating if you have bought a large quantity of a flavour. Because taste is subjective (some people dislike flavours that others love), we suggest that you only order a small amount of any particular flavour initially to avoid any expensive disappointment. We would also advise looking at reviews and referring to our help page to help you make an informed choice on which flavour you buy, just to make sure the brand and flavour is right for what you are trying to achieve.

If we have made a mistake and sent you the incorrect item, we will of course rectify the issue. In this instance we ask that you send us a photo of the package still sealed and unused to sales@flavourexpress.com . We will then look into this for you and sort the issue out by means of either a refund or sending out the correct item to you.