Tips & Tricks

Taste is a very subjective thing. Some people like strong flavours while others prefer subtle ones.

Do not be afraid to add more or less than what we advise as you might find it works better for you. This is just to be used as a guide to help you along the way.

However, we would advise if using Inawera that you take the stance that less is more. Inawera is extremely concentrated and does not require as much as you may think.

Diluting the flavour

For some recipes such as baking, icing or gelatin based recipes, it may be worth pre-diluting the flavour down in a measurement of water that would have been used anyway in the mixture. That way you can check the intensity of the flavour to see if you need a little more or less.

Icing. 5 Drops per cup – Mix to taste as no heat or extra ingredients are added except the icing sugar and butter, the taste won’t be heavily altered.

Gelatin. 3-5 Drops per cup – On the presumption you are using unflavoured gelatin, you should mix this to be a bit stronger than you want the final outcome to be as the gelatin will dull the taste down slightly.

Agar Agar. 5-6 Drops per cup – This is a gelatin substitute for Vegan and Vegetarians. It is cloudy in colour and has a slight taste to it. If you are using Agar Agar you need to make the diluted mixture stronger than the final outcome. Mainly this is due to the fact you have to boil Agar Agar over a hob.

Cooking/baking. 7-10 Drops per cup – The addition of heat and other ingredients such as flour and egg will dull the taste down significantly. To counteract this the mixture should be mixed stronger.

Coffee with milk. 5-6 Drops per cup – We would advise just adding this straight into the coffee and sipping it until you get the desired taste as there are usually 3 big factors that can effect flavour, the coffee, milk and sugar/sweetener. This one is completely down to personal preference.

Black tea. 5-10 Drops per cup – Black tea can be incredibly strong and bitter so you would need to add a decent amount of drops to be able to taste anything. Sugars and sweeteners should help with this as they neutralize bitterness

Green tea. 3-5 Drops per cup – Green tea unlike black tea is a gentler more palatable flavour. We would advise adding in the way you would with coffee until you get a desired taste, a few drops at a time.

Milkshakes. 5-7 Drops per cup – This is on the assumption that you are making a plain vanilla milkshake with milk and ice cream. We would advise adding the amount you want to taste, as there are no factors that would dull or intensify the flavour as ice cream is sweet.

Carbonated Drinks. 5-6 Drops per can/7-9 Drops per 500ml bottle – As carbonated drinks are already flavoured and contain a lot of sugar, you need to balance the need to overpower the initial flavour with the consideration that sugar heightens sweet flavours.

Protein/Weight loss Shakes. 5-10 Drops Per Shake – Protein Shakes have a habit of tasting of, well, protein. This can be a bit of a strange aftertaste to contend with. We would advise using complimentary flavours as these shakes usually come pre-flavoured such as chocolate or strawberry for example. Mint is usually a good choice.

Porridge. 7-10 Drops – Plain porridge can be a bit boring when we are trying to look after ourselves. Plain porridge has no sugar so may need a little extra to get the flavour to shine through. Alternatively add some stevia/sweetner to your porridge.

Try a little before making a lot

If you are new to this we would advise not going full throttle. Take a minute, think about what you are trying to achieve. Once we send a flavour out to you, its yours and cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. If your unsure on a new flavour we recommend the 10ml to start off with. We would not want you to buy a large amount of a cherry flavour, for example, only to find out is more of a natural flavour and you wanted a glacé cherry (the ones you get around Christmas in the syrup).

Expanding the amount

If you have tried it in a small batch and know that 6 drops work in 100ml of water but you need 500ml for what you are trying to achieve.

Simply multiply the amount you need with the drop amount. For example you need the 500ml we mentioned previously and you have tried it in the 100ml. Just times 6 x 5 = 30. So for the 500ml you will need 30 drops of concentrate. Easy!