What are Flavourings?

Flavouring drops are highly concentrated, water soluble and multi-purpose concentrates.

The concentrates we stock are from reputable well known manufacturers that have made a name for themselves within the industry so you can buy with confidence. Each manufacturer is unique and depending on what you need the flavourings for some may be more appropriate than others.

Different Brands


Manufactured in Poland. Inawera are well known for being extremely strong in their concentration, where you would usually use a 10drops with Inawera you would only need 3. This can be a double edged sword as you can find that some flavourings can become “too strong” and there is no nice middle ground, in that case that flavouring a different brand may work better. These are a fantastic brand of flavourings for people who like to use a little less for the same effect and lean more towards natural flavours, such as a natural cherry opposed to a sweetened cherry flavour.


Manufactured in California they started out developing their flavour drops for teas and coffee and soon expanded their range to cater to a wider audience. Capella drops are exceptionally good if you are looking to flavour beverages such as tea, coffee, cocktails and milkshakes. They can go a good way to increasing flavour in protein or weight loss shakes to make them more palatable without increasing calories.

Flavor Apprentice

Based in California, Flavours apprentice are also known by the name Perfumers apprentice, they offer a range dedicated to the production of perfume as well as a range for food consumption. Their concentrates are very poplar for cooking and baking due to their overall pleasant smell as well as fantastic taste. Their vanilla is very popular for buttercream icing.

One on One

Based in California One on One pride themselves on their unique mixes of flavours, giving you something a little different without having to do allot of the experimenting yourself. They make a range of flavourings that are tailored for different uses such as cocktails and cooking.

Flavour Art

Based and manufactured in Italy, Flavour Art pride themselves on having none synthetic favourings and taking the time to develop and perfect their flavourings to the highest standards. Perfect for that artisan feel to any project.

Flavour West

Manufactured in California, Flavour west offer a wide range of flavourings but really come into their own with their American style flavours, with flavours such as Hot Tamales (an American sweet), Root Beer Float and salt water taffy. Great to add to any Jelly recipe or cocktail to make them extra special for any event.

The Flavoury

Manufactured in the UK, The Flavoury are a relatively new brand on the market. With an ever growing range of flavours they take pride in delivering “lovingly brewed” flavours that have had time and care put into their development, to make sure they are the best they can possibly be. Due to their varied range of flavourings, The Flavoury can be used in a variety of applications.

Difference between flavoured syrups and using concentrates

Many flavoured syrups require the addition of preservatives to inhibit mould growth due to the syrup’s high water and sugar content. Concentrates do not require this and due to that are free of sweeteners and calories in most cases. This makes them ideal for people concerned about their calorie intake but do not want to miss out on the enjoyment of flavour and sweetness.

Allergies – how can I be sure their safe?

Logic dictates, if something tastes like peanut it must contain peanut, its a sensible way of looking at it. As we do not manufacture the brands ourselves, we will always recommend that you look at the manufacturers websites for that information in its entirety.

We can however advise that Capella concentrates are Corn and Peanut derivative free, they also boast being vegan and gluten free.

Contain Caffeine?

As we do not manufacture the concentrates ourselves we cannot guarantee this completely, we would always recommend if this is a concern to check the manufacturers website.

Capella concentrates are Caffeine free.

Contain Alcohol?

We are aware that some of the flavourings do contain alcohol, usually in the more citrus flavours as the alcohol is required to make citrus oil water soluble. As we do not manufacture the concentrates ourselves we cannot guarantee this completely, we would always recommend if this is a concern to check the manufacturers website.

Storing your flavours

All concentrates should be stored in a cool dry place with the child proof cap securely fastened.

Shelf life of a flavourings

Most flavourings have a shelf life of 6-12 months from opening.

Do any of your flavourings contain Diacetyl?

As we do not manufacture the concentrates ourselves we cannot guarantee this completely, we would always recommend if this is a concern to check the manufacturers website.
If any of our concentrates are labelled DX or V2 these do not contain Diacetyl but the normal and V1 versions may contain Diacetyl.

Do you have the Data Safety Sheets for my Liquid?

Please find a full list of the Data Safety Sheets we have obtained and additional information Here. Please be aware that links to this information is also available on each individual product listing that we have obtained it for.

How much do I use?

This answer is different from person to person according to personal taste and also the quantity of what you are making. It is also dependant on the brand you are using, for example you wouldn’t use the same amount of Inawera as you would Flavor Apprentice as Inawera is a lot stronger and would give a very different end result.

We would recommend making a small amount of what you are trying to make and then adding the flavouring drop by drop until you achieve the desired taste, remember you can always add more but you cannot take away once it is added.

If you need any further assistance you can look here at our Getting started guide. We also have recipes available on our blog which can be found here if you feel you need a bit more guidance or help.

Why has my Concentrate changed colour?

This could be down to any number of environmental factors, if the cap has been left off for example the flavouring will oxidise, direct sunlight and heat can also effect the colour. This is known as steeping and can alter the flavour of the liquid, this can either kill the flavour or intensify it, in most cases it can intensify flavour which will effect it once it is diluted into the mixture. This is why we recommend keeping the concentrates in a cool dry place with the cap on to avoid issues like this from occurring.