Brown Sugar Flavor Apprentice

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A sweet Brown Sugar flavour enhancer from Flavor Apprentice.


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Product Description

A sweet Brown Sugar flavour enhancer from Flavor Apprentice.


Great for addng sweetness to any coffee or cake recipe.



  • Diet Shakes, Smoothies and Protein drinks
  • Baking and Frosting
  • Breakfast porridge, Oatmeal and Instant puddings
  • Cocktails
  • Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate
  • Sodas and Flavoured Water
  • Desserts and sorbets


Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Flavourings.

All ingredients contained in this product are approved for use in food in a regulation of food and drug administration, under directive (EC) 1334/2008 or are listed on the FEMA GRAS list. Flavours are produced in an FDA certified U.S facility,using only FDA certified ingredients.

Safety Data Sheet.

***Any amount of liquid cannot be returned, we do understand that this may be frustrating if you have bought a large quantity of a flavour. Because taste is subjective (some people dislike flavours that others love), we suggest that you only order a small amount of any particular flavour initially to avoid any expensive disappointment.

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30ml (3 x 10ml), 10ml, 100ml, 500ml


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