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A selection of Inawera Sweet Shop flavour concentrates. These are flavours for lovers of the Gummy, Chewy, Sweet Candy or Sweeties.

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  • Caramel Inawera

    The distinct familiar flavour of a silky smooth rich caramel. Perfect for making low sugar and low fat caramel icing for all your baking needs. Why not add it to a milkshake or a coffee for a an indulgent treat without the sin.

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  • Milk Chocolate Inawera

    The sweet indulgent taste of a smooth milk chocolate. Ideal for boosting any chocolate recipe. Ideal for chocolate icing without adding the extra sugar and calories.

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  • Nougat Inawera

    The recognisable mixture of sweet almonds and marshmallow that makes nougat such a favorite. A very strong sweet flavour, this makes a great mixer for cocktails and a nice addition to any cake recipe.

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