Flavour Art Tobacco

A selection of Flavour Art Tobacco flavour concentrates. These are flavours reminiscent of Cigarettes, Rolling Tobacco or Cigars.

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  • Cowboy Flavour Art

    Cowboy is a distinct tobacco flavour in the mid-range. Not too sweet or harsh and suitable for blending with other flavours.





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  • Euphoria Flavour Art

    A light tobacco flavour, infused with citrus tones for a lighter more refreshing flavour.











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  • Golden Rollie Flavour Art

    Golden Rollie was created for those seeking the flavour of a hand rolled Virginia tobacco. It is blended using three ‘industry standard’ tobacco flavours.





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  • Maxx Blend Flavour Art

    A full bodied tobacco flavour with a spicy infusion for something different.

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  • RY4 Legend (origional) Flavour Art

    A full bodied RY4 blend of tobacco, rich and luxurious perfect for any pipe connoisseur.

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  • RY4 Nutzilla Flavour Art

    A sophisticated blend of a rich full bodied tobacco, infused with a nut medley to give a rich undertone of taste.





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  • Seven Leaves Flavour Art

    Key elements from seven different blends combine to create a sublime flavour. The seven chosen were, fire cured, bright leaf, burley, shade, perique, latakia, oriental, which together offer a tobacco flavour which can still be used as a base for further developments. FlavourArt Seven Leaves exudes a nice dry and radiant note, with light undertones of dried leaves, woody nuances and a spicy edge.




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  • Sneaky Drag Flavour Art

    A dry smokey flavour that has a bitter aftertaste, ideal for anyone who loves the old school taste of tobacco.





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  • Virginia Flavour Art

    Virginia is a traditional mild, light and aromatic mix that you can use all day and night. A must try for all tobacco enthusiasts and one which will no doubt satisfy.




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