Flavour Art Sweets

A selection of Flavour Art Sweets flavour concentrates. These are flavours for lovers of the Gummy, Chewy, Sweet Candy or Sweeties.

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  • Black Jack Vintage Flavour Art

    The unmistakable dark aniseed taste, enhanced with a couple of other background flavours. One definite advantage of this flavour is that it will not turn your tongue black as the sweets used to! Nowadays the sweets just turn it grey.





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  • Blackcurrant Licorice Flavour Art

    If you like those suckable Blackcurrant and Licorice sweets then you should enjoy this fiesta of flavour. It’s a refreshing change that is sweet but not sickly and will have you licking your lips.





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  • Bountiful Flavour Art

    Rich and creamy milk chocolate is the perfect background for the tropical coconut taste that is probably the nearest you’ll get to eating a bar of chocolate with a coconut centre. Sit back and enjoy.





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  • Chocolate Flavour Art

    A sweet luxurious chocolate flavour. Perfect for adding to drinks, cakes the list goes on! Have that rich, creamy, comforting taste of chocolate without the added calories and sugars.



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  • Double Delight Flavour Art

    Double Delight is exactly that, the warm flavour of Chocolate giving way to the rich Caramel centre. This is a special reserve for when you want to indulge yourself and you can do it all evening without the assistance of numerous Chocolate bars!





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  • Licorice Plus Flavour Art

    The rich full bodied taste of licorice. Ideal for adding to any jelly or cocktail to make your own licorice sensation. Great if you are looking to make your own low sugar version of the old sweet shop favourite.

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  • Marzipan Flavour Art

    A classic sweet treat made from almonds and honey. Perfect on its own or to add flavour to a cake frosting or any sweet dessert. Great combined with other flavours to create an interesting taste sensation.


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  • Pear Drops Flavour Art

    A favourite sweet shop staple! The classic taste of sweet pear drops.





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