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  • Pear Flavour Art

    A great mouth watering pear flavour. Sweet and fresh this makes a great mixer in cocktails or on its own to make that glass of water that little bit more interesting.

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  • Raspberry Flavour Art

    The fresh, sweet taste of Raspberry is lovely on its own or when used in a blend of flavours.





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  • Strawberry Flavour Art

    A sweet strawberry flavour with a semi tart twang. Very similar to the taste offered by biting into a real strawberry. A perfect flavour for a variety of uses such as protein shakes and flavouring water without the added sugar.













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  • Summer Clouds Flavour Art

    Summer Clouds is the subtle taste of fresh fruit tenderly kissed by the sun. With a hint of Peach leading the line-up of delicate flavours, Summer Clouds delivers a delightfully light sensation to your taste buds, likened to the pure and gentle freshness of an English Rose in full bloom.





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  • Tutti Frutti Flavour Art

    A tantalising medley of topical fruits. Perfect for making your water that little more interesting without any of the sweeteners and calories.





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  • Watermelon Flavour Art

    Fresh and juicy, this flavoursome watermelon will make sure it is summer all year round.





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