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A selection of Flavour Art Fruit flavour concentrates. Zesty, Ripe, Juicy and Fresh Fruit flavours.

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  • Apple Fuji Flavour Art

    The flavour, Fuji, was designed by FA Italy to be a refreshing but vibrant vape. Fuji is a specific Apple Flavour that is succulent, crisp, fresh, and sweet, just like the Fuji Apple variety that is so popular but which is so often unavailable in the UK as it is only grown in certain climatic conditions.





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  • Aurora Flavour Art

    With its warm flavor and hints of sparkling spirit, Aurora by Flavour Art has hints of flowers and fruits.

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  • Banana Flavour Art

    A full bodied flavoursome banana that is perfect for a banana split milkshake!





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  • Bilberry Flavour Art

    More flavoursome than your average blueberry, bilberry’s are stronger in flavour and have a slightly tart bitter taste to them. Perfect if you are looking for an alternative to blueberry with less of a sweet taste to them without loosing any of the flavour.



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  • Black Pearl Flavour Art

    The interesting mixture of juicy pear and full bodied blackcurrant. Ideal for adding to water to give it an interesting twist or any cocktail.

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  • Cherry Flavour Art

    A well rounded full bodied cherry flavour, rich and vibrant on its own. Mixes well with drinks such as cola to make some of your favourites.





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  • Forest Fruits Flavour Art

    Taste the riot of flavour in this perfectly balanced wild fruit mix. Never mind the cocktails, tantalise your tastebuds and savour the flavour!





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  • Lemon Sicily Flavour Art

    The tangy, zesty and tart flavour of fresh ripe Sicilian lemons. Perfect for adding a rich flavoursome edge to any citrus delight..


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  • Lime Tahity Cold Pressed Flavour Art

    A sharp citrus Lime flavor which is not overly sweet. This cold pressed variety is slightly less bitter than the distilled version.





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  • Lime Tahity Distilled Flavour Art

    A tangy citrus Lime flavor, but with a unique fragrant and spicy aroma.





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  • Nonnas Cake Flavour Art

    A rich strong yellow cake flavour. Bursting with notes of vanilla this is a wonderfully balanced yellow cake flavouring.


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  • Orange Flavour Art

    For those who long for the taste of fresh Oranges, unadulterated and unsweetened, this is the flavour for you. A pure, natural blend for you to enjoy.





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