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A selection of Flavour Art Food flavour concentrates. These are flavours of all types of tasty food.

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  • Anise Flavour Art

    Anise has a strong, unique flavour, reminiscent of Ricard and Pernod. It is a perfect flavouring for mixing with others to create your own blends, Rum, Cola, Chocolate are just a few of the options, let your imagination run amok and be surprised!





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  • Blackcurrant Licorice Flavour Art

    If you like those suckable Blackcurrant and Licorice sweets then you should enjoy this fiesta of flavour. It’s a refreshing change that is sweet but not sickly and will have you licking your lips.





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  • Bountiful Flavour Art

    Rich and creamy milk chocolate is the perfect background for the tropical coconut taste that is probably the nearest you’ll get to eating a bar of chocolate with a coconut centre. Sit back and enjoy.





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  • Caramel Flavour Art

    This smooth, delicious, creamy Caramel creation oozes onto the palate and languishes shamelessly!





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  • Catalan Cream Flavour Art

    The delicious marriage of sweet cream, rich vanilla, savoury caramel and warm comforting spices. Perfect for adding to any winter warmer.



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  • Chocolate Flavour Art

    A sweet luxurious chocolate flavour. Perfect for adding to drinks, cakes the list goes on! Have that rich, creamy, comforting taste of chocolate without the added calories and sugars.



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  • Condensed Milk Flavour Art

    A comforting reliable base flavour, perfect for building onto to create a complex pallet of flavour.


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  • Cream Fresh Flavour Art

    A light fresh cream flavour. Ideal for using as a base to any creamy concocion. Give your drinks that velvet creamy undertone.



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  • Custard Flavour Art

    The delicate bend of vanilla and lemon in a tasty custard base.





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  • Custard Pi Flavour Art

    A rich custard flavour. Ideal for use with any bakery recipe. Drop it into a milkshake or home made ice cream for a luxury boost.





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  • Double Delight Flavour Art

    Double Delight is exactly that, the warm flavour of Chocolate giving way to the rich Caramel centre. This is a special reserve for when you want to indulge yourself and you can do it all evening without the assistance of numerous Chocolate bars!





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  • Espresso Creme Flavour Art

    The rich strong flavour of a dark espresso coffee, mellowed out slightly with the delicate infusion of a smooth thick whipped cream.





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