Flavour Art Enhancers

A selection of Flavour Art Enhancer concentrates. These are developed to improve overall flavour.

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  • AAA Magic Mask Flavour Art

    Reduce acid perception without modifying the pH of your mixture. Magic Mask does not buffer the pH, nor alter it. Magic Mask acts at the tongue receptors level, temporarily reducing the acid perception, thus improving the overall mouth feel.




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  • Bitter Wizard Flavour Art

    Balance your flavour! Flavour Art designed Bitter Wizard to reduce or eliminate the sweet basic taste given by PG or VG. Adding at 1% can give a pleasant bitter aftertaste, which can be enhanced further by increasing the dosage.




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  • Cocoon Flavour Art

    Flavour Arts interpretation of the moment when the warm embrace of the caramel melds with the sweetness of the apple. Another amazing fairground flavour.




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  • MTS Wizard Flavour Art

    MTS stands for Mellow, Thick and Smooth, and it is a major breakthrough in taste technology. MTS vape wizard contributes toward softening any acidic/sour perception.




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  • Oakwood Flavour Art

    Add the mellow and earthy taste of oak to your favorite fruit, tobacco or liquor.

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  • Polar Blast Flavour Art

    Extreme ice cold flavor. A single drop will refresh your mouth for hours.

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