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A selection of Flavour Art Drink flavour concentrates. Refreshing and thirst quenching flavours.

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  • After Dark Flavour Art

    An infusion of a sophisticated liqueur, Irish Cream with a dash of Peppermint. A great flavour ideal for an ice cream with a twist.





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  • Aurora Flavour Art

    With its warm flavor and hints of sparkling spirit, Aurora by Flavour Art has hints of flowers and fruits.

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  • Cola Flavour Art

    Feel the fizz and savour the true flavour of Cola. This is another amazing creation, not only does it taste like Cola, it has such a clean, clear composition.





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  • Espresso Creme Flavour Art

    The rich strong flavour of a dark espresso coffee, mellowed out slightly with the delicate infusion of a smooth thick whipped cream.





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  • Irish Cream Flavour Art

    Irish Cream is a pure joy with its heritage in the iconic Irish Whiskey and Cream liqueur.





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  • UP Flavour Art

    An interesting mixture of strong espresso coffee mixed with cream and cereal. Sure to help wake up any sleepy head. A great flavour for adding into mascarpone for a flavour boost to any tiramisu recipe.





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