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A selection of Flavour Art Bakery flavour concentrates. These are flavours for lovers of pastries, cakes, desserts and cereals.

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  • Apple Pie Flavour Art

    A comforting classic. This iconic flavour is sweet and savory all in one, with crisp sweet apples mixed with buttery pie crust and cinnamon. It is ideal for any dessert based cocktail or ice cream.





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  • Cookie Flavour Art

    The fantastic flavour and aroma of freshly baked warm cookies.





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  • Cornish Cream Tea Flavour Art

    The familiar flavour of a Cornish afternoon cream tea. The perfect blend of strawberries and cream, smothered over a rich, buttery and flaky scone. Perfect for any cupcake icing or in a fancy cocktail to wow your guests.

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  • Custard Pi Flavour Art

    A rich custard flavour. Ideal for use with any bakery recipe. Drop it into a milkshake or home made ice cream for a luxury boost.





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  • Joy Flavour Art

    A fresh bakery style biscuit topped off with a sweet meringue smothered in caramel sauce.

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  • Labryinth Flavour Art

    A sweet vanilla sponge cake. Filled with a caramel and fruit filling makes this flavour very sweet. Perfect for adding to any bakery experiment you may be concocting.









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  • Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) Flavour Art

    A sophisticated smooth Madagascan vanilla flavour. Ideal for adding to homemade ice creams and milkshakes.





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  • Metaphor Flavour Art

    A great take on cream filled crispy cake that has been jam packed full of fresh fruits. Ideal for adding to pastry or dough to give it a full bodied fruity boost.







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  • Nonnas Cake Flavour Art

    A rich strong yellow cake flavour. Bursting with notes of vanilla this is a wonderfully balanced yellow cake flavouring.


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  • Nonnas Red Cake Flavour Art

    A great take on a cream filled strawberry cake. Ideal for adding a creative twist to a skinny cocktail or milkshake.



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  • Pear Drops Flavour Art

    A favourite sweet shop staple! The classic taste of sweet pear drops.





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  • Strawberry Flavour Art

    A sweet strawberry flavour with a semi tart twang. Very similar to the taste offered by biting into a real strawberry. A perfect flavour for a variety of uses such as protein shakes and flavouring water without the added sugar.













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