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  • Sweet Cherry Inawera

    A very strong sweetened cherry flavour, reminiscent of candied cherries. Ideal for cherry jellies and other sweets.

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  • Tabac DNB Inawera

    An extremely strong pure tobacco extract.

    Due to the use of tobacco extract, this concentrate is dark in colour and does contain residues. The concentrate will require a good shake before use. 

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  • Tabac Inawera

    From the Tino D’Milano range of Inawera, this aromatic tobacco flavour has a rich fusion of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. Giving this flavour an almost eastern quality.

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  • Tobacco Black Cherry Inawera

    A rich smoky tobacco flavour with strong hints of black cherry. Perfect for a tobacco enthusiast that wants something a bit more interesting and a bit fruity to try.

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  • Vanilla Inawera

    The versatile flavour of a smooth rich vanilla. Perfect for almost any occasion and any recipe that calls for the popular flavour.

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  • Virginia Inawera

    A strong tobacco flavour with prominent vanilla notes and a delicate floral undertone, a very sophisticated tobacco flavouring.

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  • Wild Strawberry Inawera

    A bright strawberry flavour, with a fresh green forest note. This flavour leans more towards the wild strawberry taste, rather than the large ripe strawberries of Wimbledon. These are smaller and more berry shaped. Still bursting with flavour, these have more of an earthy after taste than a sweet one.

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